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Guided Meditations are a tool through which you can help yourself reconnect with your higher self and beyond.

What are Guided Meditations useful for?
Where will the Guided Meditation take place?
Does it matter if I've never meditated before?
Do I need to prepare anything special?
What if I don't see anything?
How long will it take?
Can I do this more than once?
What happens in a group session?

Q: What are Guided Meditations useful for?
A: The Guided Meditations I provide for you have fairly specific purposes as described on the previous page. A sample of the popular meditations are:
Empowerment Through Chakras
Stress-Reduction Meditation
Meeting your Angel or Spirit Guide
Connecting With a Loved One
A Loving Birth Meditation for Expecting Mothers

Q: Where will the Guided Meditation take place?
A: If you live in Middlesex, Somerset and Union counties of New Jersey, a session can be done in your home. However, it is important that the room be quiet and you have ensured you will not be disturbed; i.e., children at school, pets in another room, phones turned off etc. Otherwise, meditations will take place at our healing studio in Berkeley Heights. The complete address is given below in the footer.

Q: Does it matter if I've never meditated before?
A: No, not at all. You will find it to be a very interesting and enjoyable experience.

Q: If I have the meditation in my home, do I need to prepare anything special?
A: There are only a few things worth mentioning. The first is that you need to make sure we will not be disturbed. The second is that I would recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothing. You might also wish to decide beforehand where to sit. I would prefer you to sit rather than lie down so that you stay present. You may sit in a chair (that's not so comfortable that you would be tempted to doze off!) or the floor.

Q: What if I don't see anything?
A: All you need to do is follow my voice and let your imagination follow suit. If you notice unrelated thoughts interrupting, just gently imagine sending the thought away -to the light, to God, to the sun, the stars -wherever you wish, and then return to my voice. During the period where I leave you to your own thoughts, keep your mind open. Welcome new thoughts, start conversations (in your mind) and send earthly thoughts like, "what shall I have for lunch?" away.

Q: How long will it take?
A: The meditation itself will take about 30 minutes. The whole session is usually an hour if we take into consideration any preparation of the space beforehand. I like to cleanse a room with Reiki and take a moment to invite help to ensure success. After the meditation we will talk about your experience. If you have chosen to have a group session, it may take longer as you may have questions or wish to discuss the experience further.

Q: Can I do this more than once?
A: Absolutely! Each time you will enjoy a different experience.

Q: What happens in a group session?
A: You can gather a group of friends or like-minded people to share a guided meditation with you. Choose which meditation is most appropriate for the whole group. We will spend a few minutes afterwards discussing each person's impressions and experience. If you choose the Connecting with a Loved One meditation, keep a box of tissues handy ;).

(If you have more questions, or would like to make an appointment, please email us at the email address below, or contact us through the form on our contact page).


$65 for a private class in your home, or in-studio.

$35 per family for two or more families in your home, or in-studio. One class.

$150 for a 6-week MFTI class
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85 for a private session in your home, or in-office.

$30 per person for a group session in your home (min of 3 people, please)
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$130 for a 90-minute combined Meditation/Reiki session.

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