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You Are Here

Do you realize that you are here to manifest the gifts of your True inherent nature? Each of us is here for that purpose. What distracts us is our stuck thinking, stuck feeling and stuck behaving. We get into loops or ruts or side tracks.

When people walk through the door of my studio in Berkeley Heights, NJ, I know that it is no small thing. For one thing, despite the big Elila Center for Natural Healing sign outside, it is placed misleadingly over the door that leads you downstairs, and so it takes some preparedness and meneouvering to find me. Also, I don't advertise. Once they do find me, local folks wil say, "You have been here ten years?! How have I not found you until now?" Well, the true answer is that before now would have been too soon. The moment that you walk in the door, you will know that it is the perfect time for us to work together to help you remember and embody your True, Divine Nature.

If you are within driving distance to the Berkeley Heights, or are in the same location as me when I am teaching and giving sessions then we are very blessed! It is a wonderful miraculous gift that we are sharing this time-space reality together.

What to Expect

Come to me with whatever is on your mind that has stress or pain around it -from your past, in your body as a condition, discomfort or ailment, in your attitudes or habits, in your relationships. Here are some common ones:
  • Rut in your Romantic Relationship
  • Stress Around How Your Child is Behaving, Performing at School or at Home
  • Pain, Shame, Blame around a Family Member
  • Chronic Physical Conditions
  • Career Direction and Guidance
  • Grief
  • Body-image, Food-relationship Imbalance
Length of a Session: Unless you are making a Quantum Healing Hypnosis appointment, which are 3+ hours, when you see me for the first time for an energy work session, we will need 90 minutes. Sessions after that can be 60 minutes though you may discover that you prefer the luxury of a 90-minute session. We will work together to find what is best. Sometimes, especially if the issue is forgiveness or past related, all we need is one session.

What Happens in a Session: To begin, we talk about what "project" you would like to focus on, then you have the option of receiving energy work without guidance, or receiving energy work with guidance. Energy work can be either the laying of hands on the body or above the body. In my experience, most bodys are touch-deprived and so I do recommend light touch. With guidance means that I gently guide you to connect with what I call your "Infinite Wisdom". This is a part of your consciousness that oversees this life and has all the answers. This is a wonderful opportunity to ask questions, receive clarity to the cause purpose and healing for your "project".

Payment: I accept Paypal through this website and all major credit cards, cash or check in person.

The Benefits

Expect peace, clarity, a sense of well-being, connection, and joy. My clients have gone on to feeling fulfilled in their working lives, connected in their romantic relationships, they have felt physically well, and have create abundance in every aspect of their lives. I have been witness to remarkable transformations often in short periods of time. I provide gentle guidance and support so that you can create a life that is abundant, joyfull, loving and giving.

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