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"I found Andrea two years ago when I was going through a difficult time in my life.
Through our meditation sessions, she gave me hope for the future, powerful insight
and new state of relaxation that reduced my anxiety and got my through that
difficult time ultimately changing my life. Through her meditation, she has also
helped health issues that I have had in just one session and reduced my anxiety 90
percent. In addition, she has given me tools to use to help me in the future. Andrea
is an amazing teacher and her calm and loving spirit makes each session invaluable.
She has changed my life."
-S. Silver, Roseland, NJ

"I went for a session with Andrea the week prior to a scheduled surgery. She taught me some amazing exercises to practice daily in preparation for a peaceful procedure and a quick, easy recovery. Each morning upon waking and sporadically through out the day, I performed the exercises that I learned from Andrea at "Mindful Energy Work." The morning of my procedure, I sat in silence for about 20 minutes after doing my exercises prior to leaving for the hospital. Everything I faced throughout that day was with calm ease. I felt tranquilly optimistic not stressful or anxious as I have prior to surgeries in the past. I continued practicing the healing exercises daily throughout my recovery. Three days later, at my post op appointment, the doctor told me the x-rays showed I was healing ahead of schedule. I attribute that completely to the healing work that Andrea did with me.

I'm truly grateful for the work you've done with me, Andrea. I look forward to your wealth of knowledge, passion for your practice and energy work the future!"
-R. Clemente, Watchung, NJ

"Hi Andrea,
One of the most exciting healing sessions I have experienced with you "hands down" has been last nights Medicine Energy! The physical relaxation i felt during and after the session was calming for me mentally and physically. I slept very well, which has not been the case in many years. I feel great today and can't wait to work-out tonight.

My back and leg had been acing me for a couple of days, after the treatment the pain in my leg was totally gone and my back feels much better.

My body experienced a major detox a hour or two following the session. I continued to drink tons of water all night. Also, the exercises that you taught me "the Five Minute Routine" to waken my body with tapping and accupressure points helped me energize my morning routine. I will try it again at lunch today.

You are very experienced and gentle during the session, which helps us Newbie's feel relaxed. You have truly guided me spiritually on a good path.

Many thanks to All that you are!

Share the Love!"
-- L. Bendush, Berkeley Heights, NJ

After struggling with infertility and various fertility treatments, I was really doubtful about my chances of conceiving. The evening before I had a doctor's appointment to see how my body was progressing, Andrea gave me a short reiki session. Immediately, I felt lighter, calmer, and balanced. At the appointment the next day, my body had progressed more than it had in any previous cycle. In fact, my body had progressed an amazing amount since my previous appointment just two days before. And to top it all off, it was that cycle that I got my first positive pregnancy test! No doubt, I'll be seeing Andrea to receive more reiki treatments to keep this baby healthy until delivery day.
-- M. Atkin, Plainfield, NJ

WOW! What a truly wonderful experience of having reiki with you- on so many levels. Having just undergone an emergency appendectamy just last week, it was such a powerful experience you gave me to help ME assist the healing of my body. As a yoga teacher and student, I do truly appreciate the mind-body connection and my session with you helped me to relax away from "control" and simply "be"--- VERY EMPOWERING! A great gift/tool which I will definitely use again and again to create more peace and positivity in my life.
-- Debbie Kephart, Morristown, NJ

"Dear Andrea,
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful Reiki session you just performed on me. During the session, I was in a beyond relaxed state—I knew I didn’t want to come out of it. When you were done, I felt so energized and happy I was actually glad to come out of it. Thank you for helping me harness my positive energy and feel better about myself in the process. I can’t wait till my next session."
-- B. Geller, Millburn, NJ

"Thanks for making all my problems go away. Or at least, let them not overwhelm me! Whatever you did, you saved me. I feel as if you reprogrammed my brain. You are a miracle worker!"
-- T. Woods, LCSW, Valley Cottage, NY

"I had a brilliant Reiki session with Andrea. I was extremely comfortable and naturally energized by the end of my session. Before I chatted with Andrea I was extremely overwhelmed and stressed. After my reiki session I felt as if I could take on the world. Absolutely lovely and can't wait to do it again."
-- M. Beacom, Summit, NJ

"Andrea is one of the most soothing souls I have ever met. With things in my life being slightly up in the air she assured me that PLR could help me to understand more about myself. Having never been hypnotized before I was skeptical about whether I could let myself be talked into it. Andrea did a wonderful job. Her soft words and even tone got me to a wonderful place. I was truly amazed at what she helped me to see. After Andrea calmly talked me out of my sleep and we talked about my experience I saw so much of how it applied to my life now. I am still amazed! "
-- Erica Engstrom Hoboken, NJ

"When I first heard of PLR I believed in it but didn't think it would work for someone like me who is not easily influenced and has difficulty surrendering control. I was very impressed by Andrea's explanations, smooth transitions, effective methods and professionalism. Her voice was very soothing and comforting. The prompts, guidance and questions made perfect sense. I was able to remain relaxed the entire time. Andrea made it very safe for me to allow it unfold. I was amazed at how quickly and vividly the regression took place. I not only visualized details of a former life but also felt the physiological and emotional sensations of that time period, which so desparately needed to be released. It brought great clarity into a very challenging situation in my current lifetime. I highly recommend a session with Andrea for anyone wishing to experience this valuable healing art with someone who is compassionate, intelligent and divinely gifted. Thank you, Andrea!"
-- Gina Barbosa, RMT, Clifton, NJ

"I was very intrigued with Andrea’s Past Life Regression technique as I am trained in working with therapy, energy work and healing processes myself, but had no experience with this aspect of her work. I came into the experience with an open mind and excitedly wanted to answer some nagging questions about myself. I wanted to answer such questions as why my fears existed, why I had an attachment to a certain place, and the ultimate question of what my true purpose was. I was admittedly skeptical that any of these questions would ultimately be answered, but had a “can’t hurt” attitude. I was positively blown away when I listened to the recording after the session. Not only did I answer my own questions, but I even told myself why the past lives I visited in this session were relevant to my current one! I heard myself speak with clarity, wisdom and purposefulness, which I had never heard before. I walked away from this experience with a greater understanding of where I had been and how some of those experiences have shaped my life today. Andrea’s technique is calming, reassuring and professional. I recommend her Past Life Regression technique to my clients and anyone who wishes to learn more about themselves and their current choices."
-- Sue, Berkeley Heights, NJ

"The session was very interesting with Andrea. It was an experience like no other and I think if you’re thinking about it you should do it. You’re guided to this website. That means a part of you already wants this experience no matter what the reason is. You’re reading this because your intuition tells you, 'I need this,' or 'I want this', or you’re just curious about it. You are already here so think about all the benefits you can have from this session. I learned what I needed to learn to help me understand myself better. I advise, for your own benefit, to not hesitate on the decision. Make it, quick! You’ll love yourself for it."
-- Frank Menyhart, Reiki Master, Hopewell, NJ

"Prior to seeing Andrea for the first time, I had positive experiences with Reiki, Amadeus and other such energy healing work so I was interested in her wealth of experience and expertise in other types of practices. After a very informative Q&A/interview session with her, I was open to trying a past life regression session. Yet I have to admit as open as I was, I know I was still some what perplexed if not skeptical of what would or would not happen. During the “past life regression” session things came out of me that I could have never imagined or even made up. I was blown away. After re-listening to the audio recording of myself during the session, I was able to gain more insight and inspiration from the images that I experienced. It is truly an amazing experience. Andrea’s calm and soothing demeanor and her powerful energy was therapeutic in and of itself. If you are at all interested in this type of practice, I would highly recommend Andrea and her mindful energy work!"
-- Erin Cetera, Tenafly, NJ

"Although I was skeptical before my first past-life regression, Andrea gently navigated me through the process with encouragement, expertise, and patience. And to my surprise, it was like taking a trip inside myself to places that I had never visited during this lifetime, but that I felt familiar with upon further exploration. The experience was so powerful and moving that I could not wait for my next session. With each session, I feel even more comfortable and equipped to explore these places and to ultimately learn more about who I am, was, and perhaps will be!
Thank you, Andrea!"
-- Melissa Atkin , Plainfield, NJ

BELIEF WORK: ThetaHealing / Byron Katie's The Work
"Theta healing was an eye opening and transforming experience. I was a little hesitant to believe that my negative beliefs could be shifted in one session. But a few minutes into the session I knew I was wrong! During my session, Andrea helped me to get to the root of my financial and heart fears that held me back from fully living and being present in my life. Through her amazing intuition and guidance, she replaced my fear based thoughts with empowering, loving ones – and now, I am on the fast track to living the life I’ve always dreamed about. I love my life!! THANK YOU!!" Continue to share you gift with the world. You’re AMAZING!."
-- A. Armstrong, NJ

"I just wanted to thank you for all you are doing for me. You've given me so much. You've given me tools and a lot of direction. I'm facing my fears. I'm learning to stand alone in all ways--knowing really, I am never alone. You are teaching me how to Love, how to Live my own Truth. Above all, I'm learning to enjoy my journey as I go. Every step of the way. I'm becoming more aware every moment of every day and I'm making conscious decisions. I really am a lot calmer these days and I comfortable right where I am. I'm learning to feel my feelings in my body-- all feelings included. I'm exactly where I'm meant to be and I feel good. I feel a little more every day of good things.
You are a beautiful soul and what God is doing through you is priceless! Thank you.
-- D. Vetesy, South Plainfield, NJ

"ThetaHealing was such an enlightening and empowering experience. During my sessions, Andrea helped me to get to the root of my financial fears that held me back from fully pursuing the career of my dreams. Through her amazing intuition and guidance, she replaced my limiting beliefs with empowering ones – and now, I am doing work that I am passionate about. I am loving my life!! YOU ROCK! THANK YOU!!"
-- A. Anzalone, Attorney and Holistic Health Counselor, New York, NY

Loving Birth Meditation

"I had the best nights sleep that I have had in ages last night which I can only put down to your fabulous meditation session. Thanks again, you are such a special person xxx"
-- Elinor Arblaster, Melbourne, Australia

"Andrea did an amazing job of helping me mentally, emotionally and psychologically prepare for the births of my little boy and girl! I couldn't have gone all-natural without the meditation session with her. Not only was it a peaceful reprieve from my hectic life, but it was also an incredible experience where I suddenly felt a deep connection with my then unborn baby. It left me peaceful and yet somehow exhilarated at the same time! It was in-large part because of you that I had two wonderful birth experiences! What a gift! I will never forget it! Thank you!
Incidentally, I have three children and ended-up delivering my second baby without being able to meditate with Andrea (I canceled twice due to scheduling conflicts). That birth was a rather negative experience, and I feel sad that we (my second child and I) missed out. I absolutely felt Andrea's absence!"
-- Julie Stewart, Mountainside, NJ

"My due date came and went, and although I'd been having contractions for 4 days, I hadn't made any "progress". No dilation, no effacement. I was becoming increasingly fearful about what was to come, and I had a sneaking suspicion that my fear was actually holding me back. Andrea was kind enough to see me on short notice and her combination reiki / loving birth meditation got everything into motion! She helped me relax, release my fear and focus on the amazing event that was about to occur. My contractions started progressing almost immediately, and my birth experience was unbelievably beautiful, peaceful and love-filled. I know I have Andrea to thank for it!"
-- Traci Torres, New Providence, NJ

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