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Reiki is spiritually guided (rei) life force energy (ki); Reiki energy goes wherever it is needed most.
ushimi Inari Taisha

What is Reiki useful for?
Where will the session take place?
How does a Remote Reiki Session work?
What does it feel like to have a session?
Should I do anything special during the session?
How long does a Reiki session last?
How often will I need Reiki?
I don't feel any differently. Why isn't it working for me?
Can I learn Reiki too?

Q: What is Reiki useful for?
A: Reiki is a very versatile therapy. Apart from the obvious such as stress relief and relaxation, there are many more uses Reiki can be called upon for. Here is a brief list:
Unwanted habits such as overeating, nail biting, drug or alcohol addiction, smoking, and procrastination.
Mental or emotional distress such as depression, anger, grief.
To help with important future events such as job interviews,
exams, surgery and dental work
Enhancing affirmations
Improving memory
Improve the results from surgery and other medical sessions with negative side effects; i.e, reducing recovery time, reducing stress and evoking feelings of hope and faith in the recovery process.
Read this article on how Reiki is used in hospitals

Q: Where will the session take place?
A: Unless you have booked a Remote Reiki session, the session will take place at our healing studio in Berkeley Heights. The complete address is given below in the footer.

Q: How does a Remote Reiki session work?
A: Reiki sessions can be done remotely. You will have your session in the comfort of your chosen location. At the appointed time, I will call you by phone. We will discuss any particular problems that you wish to work on. Then, I will ask you to lie down in a comfortable position. The session will be most effective if you lie quietly with your mind and body at rest. It is also effective if you concentrate on healing. For instance, during the healing, you may repeat to yourself, "I am healed." After the session is over, I will call you to complete the session.

Q: What does it feel like to have a Reiki session?
A: Most people report feeling relaxed and calm. Some people feel the energy at work in the form of warmth or tingling. People report feeling their third eye expanding, or tension and negativity being lifted. For people working on emotional issues, there can be a release in the form of crying. For most people however, it is like taking a nice gentle nap.

Q: Should I be doing anything special during the session?
A: No, just lie or sit back and enjoy this nice break from your busy schedule. If your session includes positive affirmations however, I may ask you to repeat those to yourself. This is because during a deeply relaxed meditative state your subconscious is very open to suggestion. This means positive change can begin to take effect more quickly. Of course it does not matter if you fall asleep too. I would be honored that you would be so comfortable to do so.

Q: How long does a Reiki session last?
A: A session could be as short as 15 minutes. The shortest session Andrea offers is a 60-minute session. For your first session, you may want to book a 90-minute session. A 90-minute session will include some discussion and 50-60 minutes of Reiki.

Q: How often will I need Reiki?
A: It depends on the severity of your project. Reiki is a very gentle energy so you can never receive too much; you could get Reiki daily if needed. Imagine that your body is like a slow running river where the toxins and repressed emotion have settled like sediment in your organs and cells. Imagine then that a first session of Reiki will dredge up the sediment, loosening it ready for a follow up session to clear it all away. Call Andrea to find out what would best suit your needs.

Q: I don't feel any differently. Why isn't it working for me?
A: Reiki energyis subtle energy. It follow the natural intelligence of all that you are and it goes where it is needed helping you in the best way possible for your highest good. There are no guarantees. Your condition may be serving a higher purpose that you can not fathom from where you stand looking at yourself. Also, your condition may actually be serving your highest good without you being aware of it. Begin by asking yourself in meditation, how could this situation be serving me? What is it for? What do I need to happen in order for this to be over?

Q: Can I learn Reiki too?
A: If Reiki is something you feel drawn to, it is a wonderful tool to have for yourself. You can use it to center yourself and to enhance your meditation practice. You can use it to bless food and drink, to cleanse rooms, you can use Reiki on your pets, plants, car, and bank accounts. If you are comfortable you can also use it with your family and friends.

Andrea is currently teaching all levels:
Reiki I - Natural Healing & Empowerment
Reiki II - Mental, Emotional & Long Distance Healing
Advanced Reiki Training
Reiki III/Master classes

Classes are held at the Elila Center in Berkeley Heights, NJ, and at Studio Yoga, Madison, NJ. If you are not local to Northern N.J., you can search for classes by state on the Reiki.org website.

(If you have more questions, or would like to make an appointment, please email us at the email address below, or contact us through the form on our contact page).


$150 for a 90-minute session
(ideal for a first session)

100 for a 60-minute session

100 for a Remote Reiki session
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