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Full Sessions
In Qantum Healing Hypnosis, or Past Life Regression work we always ask to speak to the Higher self. It is here we can find the answers to questions, understand the greater purpose, and heal.

March 20, 2007
I had booked my appointment the day following Dolores Cannon's training course. My main reason for the session was for the experience. If I were going to start giving sessions, I wanted to know what it was like to receive one -particularly from Dolores. I had some questions related to physical health and I also wanted to hear what my Higher Self would say about my purpose, my tendency towards procrastination and most importantly, Karyn's 'early' passing.

My Questions
  • Purpose
  • Physical health: Eczema and asthma, shoulder pain and issues with the right knee
  • Procrastination
  • Karyn's death: Karyn was my sister who died at 7 years of age when I was 10.
The Session
It took a little while for pictures and images to come. Eventually, I saw an image of myself standing on unfinished marble slabs that lead to a courtyard connected to a very large building that looked like something in Rome. As we moved through the life, I was a teacher and a member of a council. When Dolores asked me to move to the last day of the life, there was no last day! Andrea was described as an aspect of this council member.

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(1 hour 22 mins)

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