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This retreat is being held in Burra, South Australia, Australia

2018 Retreat
New Year Real You

4 January - 7 January 2018
Burra, South Australia, Australia



New Year Real You: A revealing of your True Nature -the one dying to be heard through the chatter of your unquestioned thinking.

The new year is a time for new beginnings -especially in Australia when the New Year occurs in the midst of summer when your energy is active and expansive. It is the perfect time to heal past wounds and open yourself up to the infinite nature of your True Self.

The reason to retreat is to go deeper within and immerse yourself in your own inherent wisdom. Burra provides the ideal setting to get way from the busyness and distractions of everyday life. In the beauty and serenity of nature, you are more able to find peace of mind and reconnect with your True Essence.

The benefits of meditation include:
  • pain reduction
  • better quality and deeper sleep
  • emotional balance
  • mental clarity
  • feeling safe and connected
If you are tired of living through the limited scope of conditional and conditioned thinking that makes you feel stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed, join us. In this carefully designed curriculum, we lovingly take stock (acknowledge and appreciate) all that has contributed to who you are -your wounds as well as our inherent gifts, and guide you again and again to the peace of your True Nature.

You will learn to recognize:
  • the survival archetypal energies and the role they play in your life
  • limiting beliefs that keep you in conflict and in power struggles
  • your specific soul purpose and your inherent gifts
  • when your Infinite Wisdom is guiding you
  • your own True natural pace
In order for you to be able to:
  • know and accept who you are
  • remember and embody your unique inherent gifts
  • live the truth of, "You can't control others, you can only control how you respond."
  • unlearn old conditioned beliefs and thought patterns so you can be free to love fully and fearlessly
  • have the confidence to be you -the beautiful, magnificent, unique you that you are destined to be
So that you can enjoy:
  • being comfortable in your own skin
  • inner peace and an overall sense of wellbeing
  • improved relationships with yourself and others
  • a personal spiritual and meditation practice for every day life
  • a clear connection with your Infinite True Wisdom
This retreat is designed to uplift you and to awaken the divine love and compassion within. Included in the retreat schedule are movement, meditation, energy work self-care, healing statements, journaling and discussion.

** This retreat is limited to 15 participants **

Getting You Started

My gift, which has revealed itself over the years, is being able to see what you may not have the vision yet to see. I see the Truth of who you are. I am here to show you what I see, to remind you of your inherent beauty and magnificence. I am here to remind you and show you what you probably have forgotten -that whatever awful, painful, stressful thing that has happened or is happening is wanted actually. I shine a light. I take your hand. You hold onto your hat and we click our heels to return home to your True Nature which never left you in the first place.

Here are some short videos recorded inside my studio in the U.S. during live classes. In light of this retreat, out of the ones I have uploaded on the video page, I recommend these three videos in particular:
  1. How Did I Get Here?
  2. Your Expansive Nature
  3. What is Your Highest Potential?
Are you ready to be the best you, you can be, to manifest your gifts for our sake more than yours? Are you ready to show up for a shift in consciousness so you can take your part in the evolution of humanity at this time?

Yes! I want to join this retreat

I want to see the full retreat schedule

Retreat Fee*

Option 1: Early Bird (expired)
Payment in Full     ... AUD$425

Option 2
: Deposit to register
Deposit                    ... AUD$100 deposit
Payment Balance   ... AUD$395 (due 28th December, 2017)

Option 3: Regular (from 19th December to 28th December, 2017)
Payment in Full     ... AUD$495


What to Expect

The purpose of meditation is to know your true nature. Yoga is combining movement with the breath to prepare the mind and body for meditation. The morning yoga and walk are for that purpose. In addition, in this retreat, we are using a number of tools to help you know/remember your True Self including journaling and sharing. There will also be allocated times of silence.

Movement: Tibetan Yoga (Lu Jong - The 5 Elements for physical, mental and emotional health and vitality), the Five Tibetan Rites (for beauty and longevity), Qi Gong, Morning Walks
Meditation: Mindfulness-based and lightly guided
Journaling: Your life is worth writing about.
Discussion: We deepen our self-knowledge by asking questions and listening to others.
Contemplation: While not a silent meditation retreat, there will be allocated periods of silence.

Please Bring
  • a cushion or folding chair, or a meditation cushion (zafu), or meditation stool (seiza bench)
  • a scrap notebook (for dumping the garbage in your brain -this is NOT your journal)
  • a journal and your favorite pen
  • yoga mat or towel
  • food and snacks (while there are restaurants within walking distance, you may wish to prepare your own meals. The Paxton cottages have fully functioning kitchens to make it easy).
  • 2 lemons, Apple Cider Vinegar for Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning
  • a torch
  • water bottle or thermos flask (for tea)
  • a watch or analog clock (you will not be able to use your phone)
  • emergency contact details
  • an open heart and an open mind

Retreat Schedule

Thursday, 4 January, 7:00pm-10:00pm -- Arrive, check in etc anytime between 2:00-5:00pm
Friday, 5 January, 6:00am-9:30pm
Saturday, 6 January, 6:00am-9:30pm
Sunday, 7 January, 6:00am-4:30pm

See the full retreat schedule here


You are responsible for booking your own accomodations. Do you have a friend who would benefit from this life-changing experience? Save by sharing a cottage or room.

Paxton Square Cottages
All the cottages are self-contained. The variety of cottages can sleep 1 to 4 people. The Paxton Cottages are a short walk to where the retreat is being held. For the retreat, we have blocked 10 two-bedroom cottages. To book a cottage (one that we have blocked out or another cottage), call 0488 513 101 and let them know you are a part of the New Year Real You retreat. If you have any issues, call Lisa Bosworth: 0415 043 229.

The Burra Hotel
The Historic 19th Century Hotel (originally 1847) features a nostalgic balcony still facing into the original marketsquare - the centre of Burra. The hotel is a short walk to where the retreat is being held.

  • There are no have-tos. How you spend the time is entirely up to you. What is offered in the schedule is by invitation only. And, this retreat is carefully planned to help guide you home to the real you. Seeing as you paid the money and took the time to get to Burra, you may as well show up. :)
  • The allocated periods of silence are an invitation to keep your attention on your inner nature. We spend a lot of energy expressing ourselves to get attention, to be liked, to be right, to validate our existence, to distract us from our own nature -the shadow as well as the light. While in silence, keep your attention on your inner alchemy: The quality of your thinking, sensations in the body, your direct experiences of your environment through your physical senses.
  • During the allocated times of silence, it may include a meal or two. You are permitted to speak to the wait staff on an as-needed basis. Otherwise, eyes are not seeking to help you connect, be polite, be liked, know, understand, or figure out. Your eyes fall on a person, a table, a menu, a plate of food as though they are truly resting and finally seeing the true nature of what is there.
  • Because we will be sitting in close quarters of each other and some people are sensitive to strong scents, let's leave strong-smelling perfumes and detergents at home.

One-on-One Meeting

Time is allocated for one-on-one meetings with Andrea to ask questions about the meditation practice and for questions arising from sessions. Each one-on-one is for 10 minutes. Times will be made available during the lunch break and evening meditation on Saturday and Sunday.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made up to Thursday, 28th December (one week before) ... Fee of AUD$50
Cancellations on Monday 1st January (up to three days before) ... 50% refund of the full amount
Cancellations on Tuesday 2nd January (up to two days before) or non-attendance ... No refund

Register for the Retreat

RETREAT - New Year Real You
$495 Paid in Full


RETREAT - New Year Real You
$100 Deposit to Register

RETREAT - New Year Real You
$395 Balance


*Please complete payment and registration by December 28th (one week before)

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