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This workshop is held at the Elila Center Studio, Upper Level, Suite 209.
430 Springfield Avenue, Suite 209, Berkeley Heights, NJ

Special Event
Sound Bath Meditation & Reiki for Opening the Heart

Sound Bath Meditation: Sunday, October 15, 4:30-6:00pm

Michelle Angel of Gong Temple and Andrea Grace are presenting this special 90-minute event for cultivating the energies of the heart center: connection, love, acceptance and open allowing. We begin with a deep heart-opening meditation while Michelle plays her sacred instruments: Gongs, Crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, and the Halo handpan drum. Then, Michelle takes you deeper into open relaxation with a rich and varied harmonic soundscape that invites you to relax while Andrea gives Reiki to each person. Both the sound and the intent and application of Reiki allows the vibrations take you on an inward journey of the heart so you can embody a heart-centered life.
Learn more about Michelle Angel and The Gong Temple

Meditation & Reiki ... $35
(16 spots all together*)
You will lay on the floor in savasana allowing the sounds and the healing intention to flow around you and through you while Andrea gives you gentle Reiki to open and align the energies of your heart with the original frequencies of love, allowing, connection and curiosity. Highest Good.
Note: You will be lying on the floor on a yoga mat. We can provide the yoga mat. Please bring a pillow and a light blanket if you think you will be cold.

Thank you for your Interest.
This event is full. Registration is now closed.
However, you may want to consider the private session on Monday.
There is ONE spot left. See the information below.

Private 60-min Sessions: Monday, October 16, 2017

Private 60-min Sound (The Gong Temple) & Energy Healing Session ... $150
(5 spots all together*)

If you can not make the group event, or if you feel you could benefit from a personal Gong Temple and Reiki session, call or text Andrea directly with the time that you would like: 908 963 7911.
Andrea does energy work while Michelle brings healing through sound. This is a very unique opportunity.

Session Times Available:
Monday, October 16, 2017

2:30-3:30pm -- This session time is AVAILABLE

*Because Michele is only in the area for two days, there is a no cancellation policy. However, the session is transferable.

The Elila Center for Natural Healing
430 Springfield Avenue, Suite 209
Berkeley Heights , NJ 07922
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Customer Service:
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The Elila Center for Natural Healing

430 Springfield Ave, Suite 209
Berkeley Heights, NJ

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