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In Qantum Healing Hypnosis, or Past Life Regression work we always ask to speak to the Higher self. It is here we can find the answers to questions, understand the greater purpose, and heal.

About Tristan

Tristan is a young man who came into his first session with questions about karma, healing, connecting to Source, past lives, career and life purpose. In the first session, the Higher Self described Tristan's soul as, "Every name in every form. It is Christ. It is Buddha. It is Krishna. It is God. It is the Source." In that session, Tristan went deep into trance and the Higher Self was able to provide wonderful answers that not only helped Tristan but anyone with similar questions or interests. Tristan and I are working together to help raise awareness and to answer questions that may help people on their path.

Session 2 - Questions Answered
I had questions and I invited others to ask questions. Click on the questions to listen to the answers
  1. Tell us About Byron Katie's Awakening.
  2. How does One Release Blockages to Experience the Oneness? (Question by Fran & Andy)
  3. Tell us About What is Known as a Kundalini Awakening.
  4. What is the Quickest, Shortest Path to Truth and Realization? (Question by Fran & Andy)
  5. How Can the Average Person Have a Conversation with God? (Question by Sue)
  6. Why do we exist? & What's the purpose of life? (Questions by Jasmine, Fran & Andy)
  7. What happens after the death of the physical body?
  8. If every experience has been lived out, what's the point in trying to help people?
    (Question by Fran & Andy)

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