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Full Sessions
In Qantum Healing Hypnosis, or Past Life Regression work we always ask to speak to the Higher self. It is here we can find the answers to questions, understand the greater purpose, and heal.

September 28, 2012
Jane came to the session with very specific questions regarding her career, her living situation and her health. As I got to know her in the pre-session talk, she also expressed feeling abandoned by God. Through tears, she said, "God left me on my own."

Jane's Questions
  • Food allergies: Jane had been a vegetarian for many years and was now living on meat and rice due to allergies to most foods. Symptoms included stomach cramps and diarrhea
  • "Neighbors from hell": wanted to know what was attracting them in her life
  • Her work: Jane had attempted nursing studies but because of her health had not continued. Jane wanted to know why she was cleaning instead of nursing.
  • Family relationships: Jane felt estranged from her siblings. She said they considered her their enemy. Jane wanted to explore ways to understand and heal her relationship with them.
  • Physical symptoms: In addition to the discomfort she experienced in relation to food allergies, she also had body aches and pains and migraines. She wanted to ask for healing.
  • Past Healing: Jane had experienced pain in teeth and had several teeth removed as a result giving no relief. In 2005 she experienced a healing with an energy worker who said her soul was split into a dog (this phenomena of souls splitting) has been explored in Dolores Cannon's books).
The Session
After the induction, Jane quickly went to a state of oneness. When this happens, it is typically easy to connect the client with Higher Consciousness, the Higher Self. When we attempted to do this, Jane saw a door-shaped square that blocked her, and she would hear the words, "You chose this. You have to be in this body. It's not your time." Eventually, she heard the words, "She has the answers", to which through tears, Jane lamented, "Go figure! How do I have the answers? I don't know that." We connected her with her heart center, and there the answers were revealed to us. The session brought a complete shift in perception resulting in mental/emotional and physical healing.

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(1 hour 19 mins)

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