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er self and beyond.
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Andrea offers custom guided meditations for adults. Below are samples of the types of meditation you may experience, or are available upon request. For additional benefit, you may want to choose a combination, Meditation/Reiki session.

Stress-Reduction Meditation
This meditation is ideal for people with high stress and blood pressure levels. This meditation also works wonders if you feel overwhelmed by life and are achy and sore from carrying around the burdens of each day. This meditation will physically slow your heart rate, lower your blood pressure and cleanse your body and spirit leaving you feeling lighter and wonderfully relaxed.

Empowerment through Chakras
This meditation takes you through each chakra. Each chakra is an information storehouse where specific data is processed and kept. Illness develops in certain areas of the body because of the type of information the chakra of that area holds. By focusing on each chakra, you can take stock of how you are giving and receiving energy in that area. We will replenish and cleanse each one leaving you feeling empowered and whole.

Meeting your Angel or Spirit Guide
After getting you nice and relaxed, this meditation, guides you on a nature walk whereupon arriving at your destination, you will meet your spirit guide or guiding angel. You will be left for several minutes to talk and ask questions before being brought out.

Connecting With a Loved One
Using the same relaxation technique for Meeting your Angel meditation, we will take you into a quiet room inside yourself where you will meet with a loved one who has passed away. You will be able to reconnect and ask questions. It's a very powerful and moving experience.

A Loving Birth Meditation for Expecting Mothers
For women who are planning on a natural birth, this moving meditation connects you with your unborn child and prepares you for the moments leading up to their arrival. You are shown a wonderful place of refuge within yourself where you can go during the birth itself. You are also able to meet your baby and show him or her that you are ready to bring them into the world and into your loving life.

To learn more about our Meditations, visit our Guided Meditation FAQ. If you wish to make an appointment, email us at the address below, or contact us through the form on our contact page.


$65 for a private class in your home, or in-studio.

$35 per family for two or more families in your home, or in-studio. One class.

$150 for a 6-week MFTI class
(Learn more here.)


85 for a private session in your home, or in-office.

$30 per person for a group session in your home (min of 3 people, please)
(Learn more on the FAQ page.)

$150 for a 90-minute combined Meditation/Energy work session. Energy work includes a combination Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu and Medical Qi Gong

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Contact us to sign up for the 6-week Meditation for the Imagination course, or to book a private session.

Guided Meditation FAQ

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