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September Newsletter: "The Faeries Want a Word"

"In dreams and vision one enters into it, and on waking returns...As such experiences have let us know, its apparitions are of a self-luminous substance, revelatory of the vital energies, not only of ourselves, but of all living things."
- Joseph Campbell

Like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, for the past week and a half, as September draws to an end and there is neither hide nor hare (he he!) of my September newsletter, I’ve been crying, “I’m late. I’m late!” October has arrived but this newsletter most definitely belongs to September and so I ask that we put October on hold for a bit until September’s newsletter safely arrives in your inboxes. And while it seems like I have been procrastinating and I even mistakenly labelled it as such, I have realised that what I am doing is actually mulling. This topic is so deliciously whimsical and fun that a certain degree of mulling was required, (and artistry), and while I talked about the subject to anyone who would listen for quite a few weeks, I don’t think I could have written it before now…

So here we are completely ok that September’s newsletter is being read in October.

This story is about magic and reminds me of summers as a kid in Belair where we lived in the Adelaide Hills which were not unlike where I live now –hilly and woody each home having sizeable front and back yards. My dad liked to garden so he was outside alot and when we were out there together, he would often point out to me the circular pattern made by a scattering of mushrooms or dandelions and tell me they were faerie rings. Sometimes he would build a faerie house out of brick. He would tell me to go and make something to give to the garden faeries. He told me that faeries liked to get presents, and that they take better care of the garden when we express our gratitude with a gift. So off I would go to draw a picture or make a doll out of paper and an ice-cream stick and together we would put what I made in the faerie house. I would run off and play and forget about it and then dad would remind me to check the faerie house to see if the faeries took my present. Sure enough my present was gone and in its place, would be an ice-block (popsicle) or some other fun treat. Dad was clever like that.

Faerie House
Faerie house with an offering

As most of you know, I practice Quantum Healing Hypnosis, or Regression Therap. QHHH uses hypnotherapy as a means to bring the person into a state of deep relaxation, where the critical or conscious mind is bypassed and a channel opens for information stored in the subconscious to come through. How well a person responds to hypnotic induction depends on their suggestibility. Have you ever watched a stage hypnotist at work? You may have watched with disbelief as a person is suspended, like a wood plank, between two chairs. Or, you may have seen a conservative guy acting like a wild WWE wrestler, or a shy girl strutting her stuff like Heidi Klum. It is not trickery. These people were simply pre-tested and found to have the appropriate suggestibility for stage hypnotism. People with this type of suggestibility are commonly known as somnambulists. During hypnosis a somnambulist typically has very little recollection of the session often feeling as though ten minutes have passed instead of a whole hour, and if they are the shy girl, the conservative guy, or the human plank, they will vehemently deny they could ever do those things until they are silenced by watching the tape.

Tom first came in to the studio for a session in July 2008, and has had three more sessions since then. Tom is a somnambulist. Tom’s recollection of a session is vague at best. He has impressions of what he sees just as you have when awakening from a dream, but when I go over what transpired in the session, Tom’s eyes grow wide and he asks me questions as though he’d never heard anything like itbefore.

In previous times, we would go through a regular past life before we spoke directly to the subconscious, or the higher self. However, in this September session, time was short, so we simply asked that Tom be shown something for his highest good.

Tom went immediately into an outdoor scene where he saw an arbour. He looked around and couldn't believe what he was seeing. He hesitated before telling me that he was seeing faeries. “They look like butterflies!” he exclaimed.

According to Tom (or Tom’s higher self), these nature spirits come in all different shapes and sizes. They are all tiny and could easily be mistaken for a butterfly or insect and often are. The group (or civilization) Tom was communing with had big butterfly-like wings that were black and a vibrant yellow and huge –much larger than the body. The body looked just like a person –fully clothed (also yellow) with pointy-toed court-jester shoes looking very much like drawings you would see in a children’s book, their faces elfish and always smiling from a fondness for playing games and having fun.

It became apparent as Tom identified with his surroundings that he was talking to someone. The being he was talking to also had yellow butterfly wings and clothes. His face, Tom told me as we combed through books on faeries at Borders, was older than the faeries depicted in the children’s books:

Rendition of Faerie Being
Rendition of the Faerie Being

Note: Going forward with this story, please assume that everything is according to Tom in a deeply hypnotic state. I have done no research to corroborate anything that was said. My purpose here is to report for your interest and perhaps your benefit. From this point, I will be writing as though it were fact. This is not to influence you or trick you into believing what I say to be true. Far from it, I recommend you use discernment at all times. For the sake of literary flow, I am simply avoiding having to repeat throughout, “According to Tom…”, or overuse the word, “apparently.”

Ok, so let’s start with a bit of history. Faeries have been around since before man walked the earth. They originally came from Ireland or England but are now all over the planet. They live wherever nature in relative abundance is found. They live in our parks and gardens, and there are even some in New York's Central Park!

As there are many different civilizations for us humans, there are different civilizations for faeries. Some look like butterflies, like the fellow Tom was talking to, and some look like other kinds of insect. The being Tom communed with informed us that like our ignorance of the existence of faeries, there are other creatures we are also ignorant of, “More and more creatures that you don’t know about will be coming out; in the oceans, skies, forests.” As we, human beings, start to “wake up”, and recognise the interconnectedness of earth and nature –the oneness, our awareness will include these ‘new’ creatures too.

Faeries are inter-dimensional beings. They move, through what Tom described to be a golden-blue wall, a portal of sorts, between the earth plane and a higher plane. While it’s safer on the higher plane than here on the earth plane, they prefer to live here. There are some people, very few, who know of and see faeries, but most people think they are bugs and shoo them away. When faeries are threatened in this way, they escape through the golden-blue wall into the higher plane to safety.

Faeries have special powers. They are magic. Their job is to take care of “Mother Earth.” They are of the earth. She calls to them as she cannot “operate” without them. They have the ability to draw up energy from the center of the earth and direct it to where it’s needed, but they need our help to do our part. We are of the earth too –manifesters of our reality. At one point, the Faerie being showed Tom what the earth was like before we sullied it with development and pollution. By the look on Tom’s face and the sound of his voice, it was a spectacular sight. The faerie emphasised the need for us to take action by tapping his foot and repeating, “Now! We must take action. Now!”

The Faeries had come in to Tom's awareness that day to spread the message that it’s time to get back to nature, to become once again part of the earth (including the animals and the little creatures) instead of abusing and trying to control it. They want everyone to experience what Tom experienced in order to build awareness. The faeries are standing by to help you help the planet. They are ready and willing to appear to anyone who sets the intention to help.

Tom, upon awakening and hearing me tell the story was stupefied. “Faeries?!” He burst out. “Why would I talk about faeries? I don’t know nothing about them.” Finishing with a note of disdain, “Faeries! They’re for kids!”

I ask you to do now what you do every day when you read fiction, watch a movie, or look at art. I would ask that you be willing to suspend your disbelief. To help you, here’s an activity to get you started. Ask yourself, “What if everything I’ve read here, were true? What would that mean for my life, for the world? Take the time to really imagine how your world as you know it would be different, and you might find that a part of you starts to giggle.

Many people don’t believe in magic, faeries, miracles and the like because they fear what other people will think of them. It’s safer to believe what our peers believe. It's safer to be cynical than trusting. If we open our hearts, who knows who will be lurking around the corner to take advantage of us? Our fear of humiliation is extremely deep-seated and greatly affects our belief systems. Try this on for size: Imagine this happening to you; you go out into your garden, or take a walk in the park and you see some fairies. At first you think they are insects and butterflies but you notice they have little human bodies and faces. You can’t believe it. You rub your eyes, you pinch yourself hard and still they linger. One even starts talking to you! You know in your soul what you are experiencing is real. You are exhilarated and overjoyed. You feel lucky and special. When it’s over, you can’t wait to go home and tell someone about it. But wait. Who would you tell? Nobody would believe you. They would think you were nuts. They would make fun of you. Maybe I am crazy! I must have imagined it. Yes, it was all just a figment of my imagination."

I bring this to your attention because next I’m going to outline as it was given to me through Tom, in as clear a language as I am capable, how to see a faerie. It will come as no surprise that at the top of the list is to prerequisite to BELIEVE!

BELIEVE!!! Believe in the unseen, believe that anything is possible. Start with the willing suspension of disbelief exercise.

Set your intention to serve. Go out in the world with the intention to help the planet, and all living things on it including your fellow man.

The faeries recognise that the pollution problem is overwhelming and while they want you to focus on it, they would rather you do something small than nothing at all. That is, if you see a small piece of garbage on the street, pick it up. Recycle. Bring your own shopping bags to the supermarket… Small steps that no one has an excuse not to do.

Help those around you. If you see someone slip and fall, help them up. If you see someone stuck on the side of the road, stop and offer assistance. When we altruistically help others, we are blessed with grace, you feel a sense of wholeness overcome you, a sense of purpose, a sense of connectedness. Faeries can connect with you when you are vibrating at that emotional frequency. You will see a flutter and think it's an insect or a butterfly, but in your heart you will know it's them.

Ask for assistance Ask directly for help. You can say something like, "Faeries, for the highest good of Mother Earth and all those connected to her, help me now!" Follow your asking with action. For instance, If you are taking a walk in nature, and you see garbage, pick it up, and then think a good cleansing thought of cleaning the earth; of a clean sea breeze, and crystal water. Your thoughts must be directed to the good of nature; the wellbeing of Mother Earth. If you truly want that, the faeries will know and will manifest to show you how.

Well my dear friends, here concludes September's newsletter. Know that it doesn't matter how or from whom the information came, it's what you do with it that counts and we wish you all the best on your endeavour to meet our dear Faerie friends.

So now, I offer you this thought, borrowed from Ghandi (with reverence) and altered for my needs:

"Be the miracle you want to see in the world."



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