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ThetaHealing Session
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Pre-session Discussion
The session begins with a discussion of the specific problems you wish to work on and an explanation of how the session will proceed. Common problems are fears, money, job or relationship issues and physical illness.

Muscle Testing
Muscle testing is a way we can communicate directly with the subconscious mind bypassing the critical mind. It is a method used in Applied Kinesiology. The premise being that when you state an untruth, your body's electromagnetic field weakens causing your muscles to weaken. Conversely, when you state a truth, your body's electr0magnetic field becomes stronger resulting in muscle strength.

With ThetaHealing, we use three methods; the finger method, the standing method, or the full arm method. How these work will be explained in detail when you have your first session. Read more about muscle testing in our FAQ section, or watch it in action on our video page.

Preparing You
Before we begin the muscle testing, we need to make sure you are hydrated. Before we begin the belief work, we will prepare you with a quick and powerful meditation, and some feeling work.

Feeling Work
Everyone has beliefs that can preven

Belief Work
Everyone has beliefs that can prevent us from reaching our true potential. To be able to clear the way, we must remove the belief and replace it with something positive. First, we 'dig for key beliefs'. Key beliefs are foundation beliefs that hold up a whole belief structure. For instance, let's say you come to me with the problem, "I have money issues", by "digging for key beliefs", we may discover (through muscle testing) that at the very bottom of this is the the belief that you are 'unworthy'. To create the right circumstances for you to stop having money issues, the belief that you are unworthy must be pulled and replaced with the positive belief that you are worthy.
It is also important to draw a further connection here, and that is we manifest what we believe to be true. If you have a key belief that you are unworthy, your body may be trying to tell you this by attracting viruses and making you physically ill. By changing the original belief, positive change will occur on more than one level; not only will you be attracting more money but you will also be healthier too.

Muscle Testing the Beliefs
After the beliefs have been removed, it is important to retest to make sure those beliefs have in fact been removed. The wonderful thing about ThetaHealing is beliefs are changed instantly and if you are truly open to it, healing can be instantaneous too.

To learn more about ThetaHealing, visit our ThetaHealing FAQ. If you wish to make an appointment, please email us at the email address below, or contact us through the form on our contact page.



$150 90-minute session
(ideal for first session)

100 60-minute session
(ideal for follow-up session)

$55 30-minute session

$150 for a 90-minute combined ThetaHealing and Reiki treatment session- This is called a "Know Thyself" session where I also use techniques from QHHT

(Learn more on the FAQ page).

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Theta Healing FAQ
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