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ThetaHealing is a technique that removes limiting subconscious beliefs and paves the way for physical healing.
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What is Theta Healing useful for?
Where will the Theta Healing session take place?
How does ThetaHealing work exactly?
How does muscle testing work?
How many sessions will I need?
Can a healing be instantaneous?
I don't feel any differently. Why isn't it working?
How long will the session take?
What's the difference between a Reiki and ThetaHealing session?
What should I do to prepare for a ThetaHealing session?
Can I learn ThetaHealing too ?

Q: What is Theta Healing useful for?
A: ThetaHealing therapy can be helpful for the following:
Emotional healing: depression, letting go of resentment, regret and feelings of rejection, and releasing traumatic childhood experiences
Physical healing: migraines, diabetes, asthma, torn ligaments, broken bones, burns...
Habits: nail-biting, overeating and procrastination
Addictions: cigarettes, alcohol, hard drugs, and prescription medication, chocolate and coffee
Improving current and past relationships
Manifesting abundance and success

Q: Where will the ThetaHealing session take place?
A: The session will take place at our healing studio in Berkeley Heights. The complete address is given below in the footer.

Q: How does ThetaHealing work exactly?
A: The ThetaHealing technique is based on the premise that your beliefs which are both conscious and unconscious, and your thoughts have a direct impact on your emotional well-being and ultimately the well-being of your physical body. If you harbour negative belief systems about yourself, others, or your circumstances, this can have a direct impact on your emotional and physical health. For instance, if you think, "I am no good", "I hate my parents," and "My job sucks", not only will your situation worsen but your thinking may after a time, make you sick. During a ThetaHealing session, these negative beliefs are uncovered, removed and replaced with the positive belief. For example, "I am worthy of Divine love", "I forgive my parents", and "I do the work I love with people I like". The practitioner is able to make these changes by getting their brainwaves into Theta using a focused, visual meditation and prayer. When you place your hands on the practitioner's hands and the practitioner goes into Theta, your own brain waves go into either Alpha or Theta which facilitates healing.

Q: How does muscle testing work?
A: Your body has an electromagnetic field (existing both internally and externally to the physical body) which connects and communicates with the electromagnetic field of all other living things. Your physiology including your electromagnetic field constantly changes according to your thoughts and emotions. An example of this would be a polygraph test. A polygraph tests your body's physiological response to certain stimuli. If you lie, your body involuntarily reacts. Muscle testing is a method derived from applied kinesiology. When you lie, your electromagnetic field weakens and so do your muscles. When you tell the truth, your muscles remain strong.

There are two techniques most commonly used amongst ThetaHealing practitioners. The first is the finger technique, and the second is the standing technique. For the purpose of efficiency, I will describe in detail only the finger technique. However, it's important to note that for both techniques to work accurately, you must be well hydrated.

I typically use the finger technique. You can do this yourself by making a ring with your thumb and index finger with your right hand. If, for some reason, you are unable to use your index finger, another finger can be used instead but keep in mind that your little finger is not very strong. Hold your fingers together tightly and say, "Yes". With your left hand, attempt to pull your fingers apart. Your fingers on your right hand should keep together tightly. Now, say, "No" and attempt to pull the fingers on your right hand apart with the fingers on your left hand. Your fingers should pull apart quite easily. If your fingers stay together when you say, "No", drink more water and test again.
You can see an example of this technique on the final video on our video page.

Q: How many sessions will I need?
A: This would depend on how many issues you want resolved. Usually clients come with one issue at a time. It depends on the person.

Q: Can a healing be instantaneous? *
A: Yes, instant healing is possible. If we are talking about physical healing for example, we can acknowledge that our body heals itself every day; our bodies successfully fight viruses and bacteria, and mend bones and torn skin. Healing occurs because the cells know what to do; the correct information has been communicated and so the cells set about creating platelets, calcium or antibodies. Illness occurs when there is interference in communication between the cells. Ancient healers have known that emotional wellness and energy balancing must be in order before a physical healing can take place. Instantaneous healing can be experienced when the correct energy balance and emotional healing has been achieved.
*Disclaimer: This does not in any way guarantee ThetaHealing will work for you.

Q: I don't feel any differently. Why isn't it working?
Sometimes it can take a day or two for the changes to be made through all the cells. It may also be that there are deeper reasons. Perhaps:
you hold negative beliefs, i.e., "I am not worthy", "I don't believe I can get better ", or "This is b*llsh*t."
your condition serves you in a positive way (e.g. you get the love and attention you need from your family)
you need the experience to learn something -for instance crippling pain may be the only way you can learn to empathise with the pain of others.
you just didn't sign up for a miracle that day! No one can predict how .
While a miracle in the form of healing is possible, no one earthly can guarantee that you will be healed.

Q: How long will the session take?
A: Your first session with me will be 80 minutes. We need this time to cover your background, go over muscle testing, and answer any questions you may have. Any follow up session depends on the severity of the problem. Most clients prefer a 60-minute follow up.

Q: What's the difference between a Reiki and ThetaHealing session?
A: Reiki is a very gentle and relaxing treatment. You lie back and relax for an hour. In a ThetaHealing session, you are sitting up and actively participating.

Q: What should I do to prepare for a ThetaHealing session?
A: Make sure you are well hydrated before you come. Drink plenty of water and refrain from drinking coffee or alcohol the night before or morning of the treatment.

Q: Can I learn ThetaHealing too?
A: Yes! The best places to look for a ThetaHealing class are on Vianna Stibal's website, http://www.thetahealing.us, or on Terry O'Connell's website, http://www.thetatimes.com.

(If you have more questions, or would like to make an appointment, please email us at the email address below, or contact us through the form on our contact page).


$150 90-minute session
(ideal for first session)

100 60-minute session
(ideal for follow-up session)

$55 30-minute session

$150 for a 90-minute combined ThetaHealing and Reiki treatment session- This is called a "Know Thyself" session where I also use techniques from QHHT

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