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Understanding Meditation: Two Types of Meditation Practices:
There are two main types of meditation: Point-of-Focus and Guided Imagery.

Point-of-Focus meditation comes from Eastern tradition and focuses on finding the space between the breath and the void of no thought. During a point-of-focus meditation the meditator occupies the conscious or ego mind by repeating a mantra, listening to the breath, or concentrating on an object such as a candle flame, or a flower.

Guided Imagery meditation comes from the West and draws the mind away from every day stream of conscious into the deeper realm of self through visualization and imagination. The meditator goes on a journey of sorts to actively evoke a particular experience, or emotional or physiological response. To assist them, the meditator may use a Guided Meditation CD, or a meditation facilitator unless the meditator is comfortable enough to do one on their own.

What does Andrea Grace offer?
The meditations we teach mostly fall under the Guided Imagery Meditation category. Our Meditations for the Imagination take each person on an imagination-driven journey. We offer specific meditations for adults as well as meditations for kids.

The adult meditations are for a specific purpose:
To reduce stress and lower blood pressure
To meet with angel or spirit guide
To to meet with a relative who has passed, or
To prepare expecting mothers for natural childbirth with the wonderfully calming Loving Birth meditation.
Andrea is gifted at creating a custom-meditation for your specific healing requirements.

The meditations for kids (typically ages 6-16) are designed to help children process their emotions, find peace and calm, develop their mental abilities and to help with physical healing.

If you come for Reiki, Andrea often teaches you how to incorporate some type of meditation into your life as part of the session. Andrea sees meditation as a valuable tool that you can use on your own to help restore calm, balance and purpose in your life.

To learn more about our Meditations, visit our Guided Meditation FAQ. If you wish to make an appointment, email us at the address below, or contact us through the form on our contact page.


$65 for a private class in your home, or in-studio.

$35 per family for two or more families in your home, or in-studio. One class.

$150 for a 6-week MFTI class
(Learn more here.)


85 for a private session in your home, or in-office.

$30 per person for a group session in your home (min of 3 people, please)
(Learn more on the FAQ page.)

$150 for a 90-minute combined Meditation/Energy work session. Energy work includes a combination Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu and Medical Qi Gong

Take advantage of our specials!

Contact us to sign up for the 6-week Meditation for the Imagination course, or to book a private session.

Guided Meditation FAQ

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