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Blue Solar Water - A Ho'oponopono Cleansing Tool

Water conducts and attunes to the vibrational frequency, or energy, of crystals, colour and words. "Solar elixirs" or sun-charged water is an old science that has been rediscovered today as one of many treatment techniques of color therapy or color healing.

Blue is the colour of the fifth chakra, or throat chakra (Vishuddha). The throat chakra is vital as it is the route through which the energy from the higher energy centers (crown and brow chakras) can move through to the lower energy centers (root, sacral, solar plexus and heart) and visa versa.

This energy center covers:

Physical Aspect
Endocrine system - Thyroid and Parathyroid glands
Respiratory system - Pharynx, larynx, trachea,
Neck, third cervical vertebra, vocal cords, mouth, teeth, gums, ears, arms

Inner Aspect
Creative expression, self-expression, and personal will power

Physical action
Communication -speaking and listening

Mental Action
Fluent thought

Emotional Action

Spiritual Action

The Healing Benefits of Blue
Blue is soothing and calming, perfect for relaxation, sleep, and regeneration. Blue decreases blood pressure and heart rate, dissolves nervousness and stress. It is useful in the treatment of tension and anxiety especially in the form oheadaches and sleep disorders. Blue is also a highly effective color for meditation, communication, spiritual growth and high mental qualities. Blue will help bring about the expression of one's creative power while bringing the individual to a state of peace and holistic balance.

How to Make Blue Solar Water
Fill a blue glass bottle with spring water, and place it in direct sunlight for between 1 and 12 hours. The longer the bottle is exposed to sunlight, the more potent the elixar.

You may drink it directly, or put a few drops in your drinking water to solarize it.

Suggested Uses
Drink throughout the day instead of unsolarized water
Dab blue solar water on cuts, pimples and sores
Use on food- sprinkle on salad greens or spray on food during or before cooking, or to rinse.
Add a few drops to your pet's drinking water, or in a fish tank
Add a few drops to bath water
Put in a spray bottle and spray on your hands, body and face (this is especially refreshing in the summer).
Spray on plants
Put in a spray bottle and spray on your hands, body and face (this is especially refreshing in the summer).
Spray a light mist in your bedroom before you go to sleep

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