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or physical healing.
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ThetaHealing is a modality devised and taught by Vianna Stibal.

The Approach
ThetaHealing is an alternative technique that uncovers, identifies and resolves unconscious beliefs that may exist at the root of a physical or emotional issue. The ThetaHealing practitioner uses an applied kinesiology technique called muscle testing to uncover negative unconscious beliefs, and then using a specialized visual meditation, shifts her brain waves into Theta. The brain waves at Theta are slower (4-8Hz) than at Beta (our normal waking state at 14-38Hz), and at Alpha (the state of relaxation and meditation at 9-14Hz). While the practitioner meditates, the person in need of healing relaxes allowing positive change to occur.

Learn what to expect during a ThetaHealing Session; or see how it works first hand by watching these Videos. To find quick answers to your questions, please check the FAQ page.

Case Study: Jenny
So Jenny wakes up Thursday morning with a sore throat and a headache. She is in so much discomfort that she can't go to work. She calls in sick (slightly relieved because she was dreading the Thursday morning meeting with her boss), and makes an appointment to see her doctor. The doctor looks in Jenny's mouth, takes a swab, gives her a prescription for antibiotics and tells her that it looks like she has tonsillitis again. Seeing as this is the second time she's gotten it in six months, and she also had it a year before, he asks her to consider getting her tonsils removed.

Modern Medicine vs an Holistic Approach
While Jenny is a fictitious character, the scenario is familiar. The habit of modern medicine is to focus on damage control rather than the underlying issue. As a result, Jenny gets only temporary relief (as we can see by the repetitive nature of her condition) until the doctor suggests invasive surgery to remove her tonsils.

As with many holistic approaches to human health and well-being, the bigger questions that beg consideration here are; why is Jenny repeatedly getting sick? Why is her throat affected and not another part of her body such as her stomach? When was the first time Jenny got tonsillitis? What's going on in her life when she gets it?

How Our Beliefs Affect us
It is becoming universally accepted that our beliefs, attitudes, perceptions and expectations directly affect what happens in our lives. To quote Deepak Chopra, MD, "...we know that the mind and body are like parallel universes. Anything that happens in the mental universe, must leave tracks in the physical one...Your body is the physical picture, in 3D, of what you are thinking."1 While no one would consciously choose to become afflicted with tonsillitis, diabetes or cancer, or any other debilitating life-changing condition, there may be unconscious beliefs that exist to create the environment for an illness or situation to manifest in the physical.

Back to Jenny
We might find, for instance, that Jenny isn't happy at work. We might also discover that she has a difficult relationship with her boss. She feels her ideas and work are unappreciated. Digging a little deeper, we may discover that Jenny can't find the resources within herself to speak her mind because her self-esteem is low. As a result, every day at work, Jenny's mind races with negative thoughts which of course she can't express. The throat is the center of personal will and choices. In Jenny's case, her tonsillitis may be related to her inability to express herself in a positive, creative and self-empowering way.

Learn what to expect during a ThetaHealing Session, or see how it works first hand by watching these Videos. If you have more questions, visit our ThetaHealing FAQ. If you wish to make an appointment, please email us at the email address below, or contact us through the form on our contact page.

1. Chopra D., 1989. Quantum healing: exploring the frontiers of mind/body medicine. New York, Bantam Books.



$150 90-minute session
(ideal for first session)

100 60-minute session
(ideal for follow-up session)

$55 30-minute session

$150 for a 90-minute combined ThetaHealing and Reiki treatment session- This is called a "Know Thyself" session where I also use techniques from QHHT

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