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Reiki is spiritually guided (rei) life force energy (ki); Reiki energy goes wherever it is needed most.
Reiki is a Japanese healing art that reduces stress and promotes relaxation. A regular Reiki practice and is used for maintaining physical and emotional wellbeing.

The application of Reiki is both hands on and hands off. The Reiki practitioner channels the life force energy through her body and hands to the recipient. Regular application of Reiki helps calm the emotions and the mind to support the body's natural healing intelligence. Benefits include feeling stronger, calmer and more peaceful. Read the FAQ page to learn what specific issues Reiki can help you with.

As with many other natural healing modalities, Reiki works best when the person is open to making positive changes.

The Gokai (Five Principles) listed below may help you get started. You can repeat these to yourself after you wake up to begin your day with positive intention.


REIKI I - Shoden - Natural Healing & Self-Empowerment
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REIKI II - Okuden - Mental, Emotional and Long Distance Healing
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Advanced Reiki Training
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REIKI III - Shinpiden - Preparing for Master Training
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The Gokai (Five Principles) of Reiki

Just for today:
let go of anger
do not worry
be filled with gratitude
practice with integrity
be kind to others

To learn more about Reiki, visit our Reiki FAQ, or if you wish to make an appointment, please email us at the email address below, or contact us through the form on our contact page.


$150 for a 90-minute session
(ideal for a first session)

100 for a 60-minute session

100 for a Remote Reiki session
Book a Remote Reiki Session

(Learn more on the FAQ page.)

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