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Online Workshops - Journey Through the Chakras
The Journey Through the Chakras classses were recorded from live workshops. The audio quality may vary. Each workshop includes a coming-to-sit meditation, movement, a healing guided imagery meditation and a soul question for journaling and self-enquiry.

Journey Through the Chakras

August-September, 2017

What Are Chakras? An Introduction to the Journey Through the Chakras 7-Week Course

What Are Chakras?

[Length: 12 mins]

The first time I heard of a chakra was in my first Reiki class in 2006. I studied more about the seven chakra system through the work of Joan Borysenko, Caroline Myss and Barbara Brennan. This short introduction discusses where the tradition comes from and outlines the structure of each Journey Through the Chakra workshop.

Journey Through the Chakras - The Complete 7-part Series

Journey Through the Chakras
7-Part Series

(Available October 15)

[Length: 8 hours]

For less than half the price of the in-person class, journey at your own pace with each comprehensive workshop. Includes a self-guided work book.

Video - Root Chakra Workshop

Root Chakra


[Length: 1:02:18]

The root energy center governs the energy of the physical body and therefore is related to everything that contributes to our physical survival including money and our family relationships. When balanced, we feel healthy, safe and grounded.

Video - Sacral Chakra Workshop Sacral

Sacral Chakra


[Length: 58:15]

The sacral energy center governs the energy of the emotional body and is related to how we sensually experience our world and each other. It is the center of creative thought and projects and even our work. It is the center relating to our friendships and romantic relationships. When balanced, we feel emotionally stable and connected to our work and each other.

Video - Solar Plexus Chakra Workshop

Solar Plexus Chakra


[Length: 1:17:34]

The solar plexus chakra governs the mental body. It is the center of personal power and action. When we lose our power, this is where we feel it the most. We may feel anger, worry or fear in this area of the body. When balanced, we are focused, decisive, can easily communicate our needs and tend to have a "can do" outlook to life.

Video - Heart Chakra Workshop

Heart Chakra


[Length: 1:09:42]

The heart chakra is the bridge between the physical nature of the first three chakras and the subtle nature of the upper chakras. It governs the astral body. It is the center of acceptance, connection to humanity, and therefore, service. When balanced, we are loving, patient and kind. We have time for others and are easy going. We have a calming way about us that others find comforting. Includes a bonus meditation for lung health. Note: The audio is low, so I have included the audio from the 2016 workshop as well.

Video - Throat Chakra Workshop

Throat Chakra


[Length: 1:25:37]

The throat energy center governs the subtle aspect of the physical body. It is how this physical life gets expressed through words, language and story. It is the energy body of the archetypes. It is the center of communication and the seat of personal will. Balance is when personal will and Divine Will (Life) are aligned. When balanced, we have the ability to listen with compassion and communicate thoughtfully. Life also reveals itself through synchronicities.

Video - Third Eye Chakra Workshop

Third Eye Chakra


[Length: 1:10:47]

The third eye governs the subtle aspect of the emotional body. It is the seat of your intuition and mental clarity and dreams. When this energy center is balanced, we have the gift of sight, that is, being able to see all sides to a situation and the global perspective. When this energy center is balanced, we are attuned to gut instinct of the greater good and do not take life personally.

Video - Crown Chakra Workshop

Crown Chakra


[Length: 00:59:08]

The crown governs the subtle aspect of the mental body. It is the seat of your Divinity, your God nature, or God mind. This energy center gives you the ability to know yourself (and others) beyond this physical life. You may have the gift of other life recall (past and future) and Universal knowledge. When balanced, you live according to your inherent soul gifts, you live in a state of gratitude and love, faith and trust.

Audio Only - Coming Soon
Workshop Held in Maplewood, NJ, May, 2016

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